18.May .2021 13:00

We Should Not Stay Informed On Such decisions From Media – Hotel

We Should Not Stay Informed On Such decisions From Media – Hotel
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Founder and manager of the hotel Old Town Mtatsminda positively evaluates easing of curfew and declares that the country must learn to leave with COVID-19.

Irakli Gvenetadze notes, that hotel Old Town Mtatsminda now hosts tourists from Ukraine, Russia and Israel.

“We welcome easing of curfew. We must somehow control the pandemic and learn to leave with the pandemic”, Irakli Gvenetadze declares.

Despite the easing of regulations, the manager of the hotel considers that tourism and the country lose many tourists and revenues due to incorrect communication with the sector. He notes, that representatives of the sector must know about the decision in advance.

“Today professionals do not take decisions. Two doctors must not solve which restaurant or hotel can work”, - Irakli Gvenetadze declares.

Founder of the hotel Old Town Mtatsminda notes, that the sector does not have information when the land border will open.

“Bookings are from Russia, Azerbaijan, but we do not have relevant information when the land borders will open, so they cancel the bookings. If we know when we are opening the land borders, the whole period will be used for bookings. The only way to recover tourism now is to open borders with the neighboring countries. If we tell them that we are open from tomorrow morning, then tourists will not be able to book hotels. Effective communication is needed to define everything. We should not stay informed on such decisions from the media”, - explained the founder and CEO of Old Town Mtatsminda.