01.Sep .2021 14:30

We Somehow Managed The Tourist Season – Economy Minister

We Somehow Managed The Tourist Season – Economy Minister
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We have managed to keep the economy afloat, it is developing and we have really unprecedented growth, - Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, declares and notes, that GEL exchange rate has stabilized, which will reflect on product price in the coming months.

“We are not in the usual situation, there is a pandemic that we do not even remember in the previous century. Consequently, this is followed by global economic difficulties and these difficulties are manifested in various things. We have managed that the economy does not stop, the economy is developing and there is truly unprecedented growth. What does this growth mean for ordinary people and families - first of all, it means that people will no longer lose their jobs and more new jobs will be created”, - Natia Turnava says.

Economy Minister also notes that the country somehow managed the tourist season.

“We somehow have managed a tourist season, which allows our national currency to be more stable, which has been a big challenge so far. We think that consumer prices will be stabilized by the end of the year. This is the forecast of the International Monetary Fund, the National Bank, that inflation processes will be further reduced; Even because GEL is stable, imported goods will no longer become more expensive due to exchange rate differences”, - Natia Turnava declares.