14.Oct .2020 12:00

We stick to the plan - TBC on a new HQ

We stick to the plan - TBC on a new HQ
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Tornike Gogichaishvili, Director of Retail Business of TBC Bank told TV-program Business Morning, that construction of TBC Bank's new head office is stick to the plan without any delays.

"Construction of TBC's new head office is going smoothly without delays despite the pandemic. Reinforced concrete works are currently underway. The project turns out to be really impressive and beautiful, "Gogichaishvili said.

Total investment for TBC Bank’s new head office amounts to 70 million USD.

Implementation of the project has begun in 2019 and will be completed in 2021.

The project is based on the 80/20 concept, which means that only 20% of the site will cover construction, and 80% will include greenery and recreational zones.

The design of the new head office of TBC was created by the inspiration of the Shatili towers, where the architectural structures harmoniously merge the landscape with their terraced layout and large balconies. The author of the project is Dutch architect Franz Vuur, who represents the international company – UN Studio.