28.Oct .2021 15:30

We Transport Oil To Prevent Oil Spills By Frontera - Oil and Gas Agency

We Transport Oil To Prevent Oil Spills By Frontera - Oil and Gas Agency
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The Head of the LEPL State Agency for Oil and Gas, Giorgi Tatishvili declares, that due to the risk of oil spills, the agency began transporting crude oil from the oil reservoir owned by Frontera.

According to Tatishvili, the oil extracted from the oil deposit located in the Mirzaani, Dedoplistskaro municipality is stored in small reservoirs. As of the current data, reservoirs are full and there is a real risk of spilling and environmental catastrophe.

The point is that the court decision restricted Frontera Eastern Georgia to sell oil, due to which the oil is stored in reservoirs, which volume amounts to 10,000 barrels.

“Some time ago, the Oil and Gas Corporation and the Ministry of Economy completely illegally banned the sale of oil. We appealed against the sentence. Because the case is in court, we cannot sell oil, the reservoirs are full. Since these reservoirs were overfilled, we approached the Bureau of Enforcement and explained that these reservoirs were overfilled and if we did not move to other reservoirs, spills could occur, ”said Zaza Mamulaishvili, director of Frontera Eastern Georgia.

Zaza Mamulaishvili also responds to Giorgi Tatishvili's statement about the oil spill, saying that now the oil reservoir is located in the area that Frontera handed over to the state in accordance with the decision of the arbitral tribunal.