13.May .2021 11:30

We Want To Attract Investors - Brand Lanano

We Want To Attract Investors - Brand Lanano
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Nano Uriatmkopeli, co-founder of Lanano brand, voiced the idea of the first Georgian Fashion Museum in the show "Women's Narrative".

Later, the co-founder of Lanano brand told BM.GE, that she was actively working to place the museum in a physical space.

"The multifunctional fashion museum will activate our country on the fashion map as a fashion hub for the whole region. I think it is possible to attract investors. I consider that the Ministry of Culture and people involved in the fashion industry can be interested in this concept, "- said Nano Uriatmkopeli.

According to her, the concept of the Fashion Museum will also cover special installations, the so-called workshops, trainings and more. The author of the idea notes, that it is considered to create a kind of fashion library through publications, to place a so-called fashion restaurant and activate all-inclusive service in the museum space.

"We assume that our brand will present full text of The Knight in the Panther's Skin embroidered on fabric, made of gold thread," - explains the co-founder of "Lanano".

The author of the idea of the Georgian Fashion Museum notes that many designers express their readiness to be involved in the project.