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We Want to Build Data-Analytics Skills in Georgia – SAS

We Want to Build Data-Analytics Skills in Georgia – SAS
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Those in data analytics know that SAS analytics solutions transform data into intelligence, inspiring customers worldwide to make bold new discoveries that drive progress. Today, with the strategic partnership with Silknet, the largest telecommunication company in Georgia and Caucasus, and a subsidiary of Silk Road Group, SAS also gives us the POWER TO KNOW, as for over 40 years it does across the globe.
SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) was founded in 1976 by Dr. James Goodnight and several North Carolina State University colleagues. Designed initially to mine agricultural research, SAS's software was quickly adopted by corporate, government, and academic customers.

In Georgia, a world-renowned company will try to support its partner Silknet with better tools and mechanisms for more targeted client solutions and boost data-driven skills in the whole country.

As Taifun Topkoc, Managing Director at SAS, told The Checkpoints, his company is involved in talks with Silknet to partner up with academic institutions or universities to bring this know-how to Georgia. "We want to build this capacity in the country and also, put these young people into the organizations. This is where you make a big difference: This human capital will create the competitive advantage in the country and also in the organizations" – Tayfun Topkoc believes.

According to him, Georgia has a talent pool that it can further train for the benefit of the country. "We see this young generation – SAS Managing Director told The Checkpoints - We would like to raise it and leverage it also in our projects to support our expansion and to make it more sustainable".

This approach to doing business is fully in line with SAS's Georgian partner Silknet who aims at becoming the number one digital company in Georgia. "By the beginning of next year our customers and the society will already start actively feeling what the system is capable of and why did we do this project together with SAS" – Bacho Chinchaladze, CCO at Silknet told The Checkpoints, adding that together with SAS, Silknet is also working to offer the data-analytic system services to other business organizations and governmental entities as well. "You know that Silknet has the largest share in providing connectivity to corporate clients and to government institutions – CCO at Silknet added – So, this is a very good place where we could together with SAS provide company services and this has already started".
Well, it seems other companies might start feeling the benefits of SAS-Silknet strategic partnership – one of a kind at this point in Georgia's reality – even earlier than Silknet itself.