11.Nov .2019 14:29

"We will not leave this problem for business" - how the government will treat the IDPs living in Tskaltubo sanatoriums

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According to Maia Tskitishvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, IDPs living in Tskaltubo sanatoriums will be fully satisfied with new apartments by 2021.

The Minister said about the public discussion of Tskaltubo development plan and added that new houses are already being built in Tskaltubo for IDPs.

“We are already building houses for more than 700 families, which completion is planned for this and next year. Consequently, investment is already made in this sector and we will have opportunity to offer apartments to all families, living in the sanatorium, by 2021. Accordingly, we will not leave the business to solve this problem. This will be our – state’s burden,” the Minister said.

According to Maia Tskitishvili, the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure will prepare general plan of Tskaltubo and also construction of the public infrastructure will be financed by the department.

"We are currently completing construction of a sewage treatment plant in Tskaltubo, but we still have to make a sewage system at the resort," the Minister said.