28.Jul .2021 19:30

Wedding Holders Should Be Fined – Zaza Tsereteli

Wedding Holders Should Be Fined – Zaza Tsereteli
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Zaza Tsereteli, an adviser to the Norwegian Ministry of Health, said that the absence of a lockdown doesn't mean that there are no restrictions. As he told bm.ge, it is important that the imposed restrictions are met.
"Nobody is announcing Lockdown anymore and nobody wants it, because it will be very difficult. The absence of a lockdown, however, does not mean that we have no restrictions. It also does not mean that set restrictions shouldn't be controlled. Restrictions are needed, especially when the population does not fully obey the law and holds mass gatherings.
Restrictions have to work so that there are no large gatherings. When a wedding is held, they have to be fined" said Zaza Tsereteli.