24.Dec .2019 12:19

What are the challenges of the owner of Saknakhshiri - Aleksandre Chochia Responds

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Steel International Trade Company, owner of Sakhnakhshiri, cites the transfer of the stalled company as the main challenge of 2019, adding that it is also a challenge for them to launch the deposit.

Alexander Chochia told BM.GE, they have a lot to do in 2020, first of all, signing contracts with foreign companies and taking care of the safe launch of the shafts.

"The main challenge in 2019 was transferring of stalled company. We must put it into the operation and bring it in the production capacity. As for the achievements - negotiations are underway to build a power plant. Supposedly, they will be concluded soon with contracts and another, we are expecting conciliation from the DMT. As a result of the conclusion, we will start rehabilitation of mines, "- says Aleksandre Chochia, manager of Steel International Trade Company.