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What Causes Deficit On The Local Market – Company

What Causes Deficit On The Local Market – Company
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Prices are increasing on the imported products. Along with the price growth, there is a deficit of products on the local market.

According to the companies, products deficit is due to increased container shipment rates and prolonged supply terms.

Construction Materials Company Nova declares that companies refrain to make large acquisitions due to the increased prices. The company notes that prices on the imported goods are grown from 5% to 20%.

“This crisis is not overcome yet, but there are expectations. As of history, upward trends are not kept for a long time, the biggest risk which follows is the sharp price drop. Imagine, you have a large stock of products for which you paid a lot and suddenly prices are coming down. When prices are too high, the business operator tries not to make big stocks with expensive prices”, declared Edisher Khimshiashvili, general director of company Nova.