16.Jul .2020 18:33

What does the frequency of regular flights depend on? - the Minister’s answer

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“We are about to complete negotiations with Air France and Air Baltic,” said Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

The Minister noted that the talks with Lufthansa have already finished and the flights will start on August 2.

“The frequency of flights should be as much as we can in order to serve safely, and these companies take it very seriously,” said Natia Turnava.

At the same time, Turnava noted that the so-called social and commercial charter flights are about to end.

“Our task is to balance two things as much as possible – to reopen tourism, but at the same time to maintain a favourable epidemiological situation,” said the Minister of Economy.

The Minister also added that “tourism reopening may have a rapid effect followed by rapid negative results and problems.”

“That is why we are careful not to repeat other countries’ mistakes and learn from them,” Natia Turnava stressed.