06.Dec .2021 17:30

What Does The Gov’t Promise The Business And Investors In 2022? – Minister

What Does The Gov’t Promise The Business And Investors In 2022? – Minister
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What does the government promise the business in 2022 in order to encourage the private sector to invest more money in the country? - BM.GE asked this question to the Minister of Finance Lasha Khutsishvili at the briefing held after the Government meeting.

Lasha Khutsishvili says that the reduction of the budget deficit by the government is a message to investors and businesses that in 2022 the main driving force of the economy will be the private sector.

“Georgian government has announced that the private sector should be the leader of economic growth, which is reflected in the current year's budget. Reducing the budget deficit is exactly the message that needs to reach investors. Reducing the budget deficit means that the country pays maximum attention to macroeconomic parameters, which is ultimately the main message in the direction that the private sector should play a leading role in the economy.

There is no country without challenges today, we see a rapidly changing environment amid the pandemic, there are new COVID-strains. We have reduced predictability in this regard, but if we look at current activities and future forecasts, despite the fact that the recovery process is moving fairly quickly, it is difficult to predict, that pandemic will be over for the next year," - said the Minister of Finance.