28.Jul .2021 17:00

What Drove the Pandemic Tourism in Georgia to This Day?

What Drove the Pandemic Tourism in Georgia to This Day?
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Tsotne Japaridze, the founder of the travel company "Traffic Travel" says that today there are practically no tourists in the country.
According to him, the number of tourists has increased recently, although the number of foreign visitors was only 15-25% of the 2019 data. The founder of the travel company explains the reasons for this data:
"The number of tourists from Arab countries has increased due to the holidays. They did not have the opportunity to rest elsewhere and therefore came to Georgia. 95% of the tourists were from Dubai and Arab countries. Holidays in Arab countries are over and there are almost no tourists in Georgia anymore. As for others factors, due to July 5 events and Covid-'s statistics, no reservations have been received from Europe and developed countries. We have no new bookings at all," said the founder of Traffic Travel.
According to Tsotne Japaridze, due to the current epidemiological situation, the transfer of responsibility by members of the government to the private sector is wrong. As he says, the tourism industry does not neglect its share of responsibility.
"None of our tourists has been infected. Most of the people employed in the tourism sector have been vaccinated with Sinopharm even before being accredited by WHO.
This government's signature is to shift responsibilities and arrows to the private sector, they are blaming journalists and people for spreading covid.
I doubt anyone will come to this country, and a few cases will not change the picture. This crisis is being caused by covid statistics and acts of violence against foreigners," - Tsotne Japaridze explained.