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What is the difference between CovidPass Georgia and Georgia e-Health?

What is the difference between CovidPass Georgia and Georgia e-Health?
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Effective December 1, Georgian citizens aged above 18 will have to submit their Covid Certificates, the so-called “green passports,” to gain entry to a bulk of venues across Georgia.

The so-called “green status” is granted to the fully vaccinated individuals, also to those having 72-hour-valid PCR or 24-hour-valid antigen tests or individuals having recovered from coronavirus.

Georgia has issued two types of COVID passes for internal and foreign use: CovidPass Georgia and Georgia e-Health.

The CovidPass Georgia application can be used by any person on the territory of Georgia, both a citizen of Georgia and a foreign visitor. Georgian citizens, as well as foreign visitors can attend various events with CovidPass Georgia.

The Georgia e-Health app is used for international travel and provides seamless access to the 51 countries involved in the EU digital COVID-certification system.

Georgia e-Health is available both on App Store and Google Play. Following the installation, an individual needs to register in the system. Afterwards, one's vaccination, testing, and recovery information will be displayed automatically.

Green Passport admission is required for eateries, restaurants, cafes, and bars (both outdoor and indoor), cinemas, theatres, opera houses, museums, concert halls, entertainment centres, casinos and gambling sites, spa centres, fitness clubs, hotels, and ski lifts at winter resorts.