29.May .2020 19:18

What requirements must shopping malls follow after reopening?


Once they reopen, shopping malls in Georgia will have to abide by recommendations of the Health Ministry in the use of heat screening thermometers to check the temperature of clients and personnel before they let them enter.

If someone is found to have a temperature, they should record the case and call 112.

Moreover, shopping malls must be sanitised every day, while they must also clean the rails of escalators, lift buttons, bank terminals and toilets every two hours.

Social distancing practices must also be observed in shopping malls. Only one person should be allowed in 10 meters square space in the common area of malls, while they should be able to occupy five square meters of space in other spaces.

Customers will not be let into shopping malls without a face mask.

Ventilation with increased concentration of air entering from the outside is recommended.

What are the recommendations for clothing stores?

Dressing rooms must be sanitised every two hours in the clothing stores.
Moreover, clothing stores should be fully sanitised at the end of the day.

What about movie theaters, entertainment centres, food outlets?

After reopening shopping malls on June 1, movie theaters, entertainment centres and food outlets in the mall will remain closed.

Starting June 1 all types of produce markets, stores, shopping malls, restaurants with outdoor seating areas will reopen in Georgia.

Starting June 8 restaurants and hotels that have passed the inspections of the Ministry of Health and have the appropriate permits will reopen.