27.Oct .2020 12:15

What Volume of Loans Were Issued by Banks in September

What Volume of Loans Were Issued by Banks in September

The volume of loans issued by commercial banks increased by GEL 1.89 billion in September 2020, bringing the total loan portfolio of banks to GEL 36.38 billion as of October 1.

According to the National Bank, the volume of loans in national currency increased by GEL 552.91 million (3.70%), while the volume of loans in foreign currency increased by GEL 1.34 billion (6.85%) (excluding exchange rate effects, increased by 0.23%).

"During September 2020, the volume of lending to the resident household sector increased by 4.23% or GEL 732.34 million and amounted to GEL 18.05 billion by October 1 of this year.

At the end of September 2020, commercial banks issued GEL 4.69 billion (6.03% more than in the previous month) and foreign currency loans in the foreign currency amounting to GEL 12.81 billion (7.03% more than the previous month) (without exchange rate effect, 0.40% more) ", - says the report of the National Bank.

The same document shows that in the light of the recent depreciation of the lari, the larization ratio of loans was 42.55%, which is 0.73 percentage points lower than on September 1, although this figure increased by 0.84 percentage points instead of decreasing, excluding the exchange rate effect.