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What will the Resorts Development Agency’s responsibilities be?

What will the Resorts Development Agency’s responsibilities be?
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Developing resorts and attracting new investments - are the main responsibilities that the newly created Resorts Development Agency will have. The new LEPL should carry out important work, which competence will include promoting the development of infrastructure in resorts.

The agency is required to prepare geo-information maps, as well as prepare a list of various information about the resorts such as weather, economic state, resources availability, rules and policy, and creating and organizing databases.

The functionalities include:

* Supporting training and preparing labor for high-risk jobs;
* Preparing proposals and providing recommendations for resort area development;
* Planning social activities and events, inviting experts, and supporting the creation of technical institutions and training programs;
* Helping create resort policy;
* Assist in the employment of the local population;
* Collaboration with local and international scientific and non-governmental organizations, cooperation with donors, and developing and executing projects.

Late in June, it was announced LEPL would be created. The former head of a mountain resort development company and ex-advisor of the minister of economics, Sandro Onoprishvili, is going to be assigned as the new director of the agency.