27.Oct .2020 10:00

What’s the Future for Shift? – George Arison Explains

What’s the Future for Shift? – George Arison Explains

In an interview with the CheckPoints, CEO of "Shift," a Georgian-born American businessman, George Arison, announced that the company is now a public company, trading on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol SFT.

"Shift" completed a merger with Insurance Acquisition Corporation and fortified the cash position around 340 million US dollars. The company raised 340 million gross; net proceeds to the business is about 302 million after fees.

"The future of Shift will be focused on growth. That's what our investors want us to do. That's why they like our business. And we'll be focusing on one of three areas of growth. Number one is expanding market penetration in our existing markets. We are all over the West Coast now, and having more customers use us in each of the regions we're operating in makes much sense. Number two will be launching new markets. We'll be doing at least two markets per year, perhaps more. And then thirdly, adding more ancillary products that we can sell,"- Georga Aison explained.