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Wheat Flour Imports Up By 155% In 5 Months

Wheat Flour Imports Up By 155% In 5 Months
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Wheat imports are down in Georgia in January-May 2022, while flour imports have increased significantly. Bread producers explain this fact with a tariff imposed on wheat exports from Russia and the zero tax on flour, which makes wheat imports unprofitable. As a result, from June, large mills in the country stopped processing and importing wheat, and part of them started importing flour.

According to Geostat, in 5 months of this year, 63,006 tons of flour worth USD 22.8 million were imported into the country. This import value is 1,155% higher compared to the same period of last year, and in terms of volume, the increase is 911%.

Russia is the main market for Georgia by whet imports.

During the reporting period, 62,321 tons of wheat flour worth USD 22.4 million entered Georgia from Russia. Small volumes of goods were imported from Turkey (USD 190,000), Kazakhstan (USD 79,000), Italy (USD 54,000), Lithuania (USD 25,900), Ukraine (USD 25,000), Austria (USD 14,800) and France.

As for wheat, in 5 months of the current year, Georgia purchased 44,432 tons of wheat worth USD 14.6 million. The volume of imports decreased by 69.8% compared to last year.

As in previous years, Russia still ranks as first among the importing countries, although purchases of wheat from this market have decreased. The main importing countries are:

1. Russia - USD 12.7 million, 37 460 tons;
2. Kazakhstan - USD 1.3 million, 3 703 tons;
3. Armenia - USD 653.6 thousand, 3 268 tons.