24.Jan .2020 19:13

When and which companies will start to satisfy victims by Center Point?!


As soon as the plea bargain is concluded, construction companies will begin taking care of affected citizens, Guka Rcheulishvili, chairman of the Center Point Group's supervisory board, told bm.ge.

"Everything is expected to start late February, depending on the plea bargain (for Maia and Rusudan Rcheulishvili to lift the sentence). When we have solid guarantees of plea bargain, companies will be ready to begin rehabilitation. Agreement is achieved with many companies. Many companies are engaged involved in the rehabilitation project of Center Point, such as Anagi, Archi, Warm House, X2, as well as Adjara Group, which buys Ninoshvili land, which pays 70% of liabilities. As for the terms, it is stated in the agreement between us and the City Hall that the money that will flow will be spent on the victims", Rcheulishvili said.

As for "Adjara Group", Guka Rcheulishvili says that an agreement has already been reached with them, they are just waiting for a plea to be signed.