25.Oct .2021 14:00

When Are Final Results Available? - GNCA Studies Pharma Market

When Are Final Results Available? - GNCA Studies Pharma Market
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Georgian National Competition Agency, which is researching the pharmaceutical market for the third year in a row, will no longer publish an interim report on the sector results.

The agency started researching the pharmaceutical market in 2019 and the results should be published late last year. However, the head of the competition agency explains, that the process is hampered due to the pandemic, so the final result will be published next year.

Georgian National Competition Agency notes, that the institution has already prepared the main findings and a significant part of the recommendations.

"Practically, the information is provided by all major players operating in the Georgian market, including the data of the largest companies, has been processed. The period covers 2016-2020.

We will assess the market situation, companies' positions in the market and the impact of the current market structure on pricing. Also, we have selected 6 main medication groups and a pricing analysis will be presented on each of them. Monitoring includes analysis and evaluation of legislation in the context of competition. Therefore, our package of recommendations will be presented, which is based on the best European practices and mechanisms of effective market regulation, ”explained the Georgian National Competition Agency.