06.Apr .2020 18:50

When the state has started aggressive testing? – Health Minister

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We do not expect a radical increase as a result of aggressive testing at this stage, - the Minister of Health Ekaterine Tikaradze said at the briefing at the Administration of the Government.

She said that aggressive testing would apply to the medical staff at the first stage.

According to Tikaradze, the target groups will be gradually expanded. At the same time, the Minister stressed that aggressive testing was an important tool for the state.

"As a result of aggressive testing, we do not expect a radical increase at this stage. The fact that we changed the algorithm and are already examining certain target groups, such as medical staff, is the first step of aggressive testing, which will be gradually expanded to identify clusters in more detail. It is very important to take proper steps to effectively and accurately identify all clusters and infected persons. The fight against pandemics has a certain gradation, which we observe and control very strictly. Algorithms and priorities constantly change. Aggressive testing is a priority for us, but it has its time and space - where and when it should be implemented in order to get the maximum effect. I confirm that this is a very important tool for the state, the Ministry and the National Center for Disease Control”, Tikaradze said.