19.Oct .2021 18:00

When Will Compulsory Vaccination Be Considered?

When Will Compulsory Vaccination Be Considered?
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Paata Imnadze, deputy head of the National Center for Disease Control, said that in his personal opinion, vaccination should be mandatory for certain groups, but that this will probably start when the vaccination rate exceeds one-third of the target group.
The point is that the Interagency Council plans to vaccinate 60% of the adult population by the end of the year, although 31.8% of the adult population is fully vaccinated by this time.
"My personal opinion has long been that I am in favor of making vaccination mandatory for certain categories of people. This is not surprising, as is the case in most European countries, the United States and many other countries where certain categories of people are vaccinated.

I am also in favor of restricting access to non-vital services in certain areas for people who are not vaccinated. This is about who is a threat to oneself and society.
The issue of compulsory vaccination has been on the agenda of the council for a long time, but here it is necessary to pass the vaccination milestone to discuss similar measures," - said Paata Imnadze.