07.Jun .2021 15:00

When Will the Government Discuss Removing the Curfew?

When Will the Government Discuss Removing the Curfew?
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According to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava, 2 weeks after the opening of the land border, we will see the result of the easing restrictions. It is likely that the government will discuss the possible abolition of the curfew after that.
In addition, the media inquired whether the government was considering removing the curfew in tourist regions.
"I, as the Minister of Economy, have always been in favor of liberalization, but in the end, we make a balanced decision, because the pandemic has not ended and it is the merit of our health sector, the Ministry of Health and the health sector as a whole that we manage to open. I do not consider the regional approach to be correct because Georgia is a beautiful tourist destination. We are observing the behavior of tourists. Their behavior has changed a bit. They are coming in longer. They are trying to go around all the regions as much as possible. Therefore, we want to establish a set of common rules," Turnava said.
According to Turnava, the government is gradually reducing the curfew, which means that eventually, it will be removed.
"Perhaps there will come a time when we will discuss removing curfew. We are slowly getting there. However, the land borders have just been opened. It always takes 1,2, 3 weeks to observe the dynamics. So it makes sense to keep discussing this.
I do not want to promise you because we're talking about a collegial decision.
However, in two weeks, we will see whether the opening of the land borders has worsened the epidemiological situation. After that, we will have the opportunity to think about removing the curfew altogether," Turnava said.