18.Feb .2022 13:00

Where Does Georgia Buy Fuel?

Where Does Georgia Buy Fuel?
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In 2021, Georgia imported 1,453,707,000 liters of gasoline and diesel, which was 7.2% more compared to 2020.

According to the Competition Agency, the largest volume of fuel was imported from Turkmenistan, which made up 22.1% of total imports.

The Russian Federation occupied second place. Fuel imports from Russia amounted to 19.2% of total imports. Romania was on third place with 18.2%-share.

Imports of diesel fuel amounted to 45.7% of total imports, while the petrol - 54.3%. Of the gasoline-type fuels, the most in-demand was regular type fuel with 64%-share, while its share was 34.9% for total imports.

“The prime cost of regular fuel imported from Turkmenistan and Russia is significantly lower than the cost of similar fuel imported from Bulgaria and Romania; The difference between the cost on per liter regular type gasoline is in the range of 6-25 tetri, "- said in a report by the Competition Agency.

Regarding the prices, the Competition Agency reports that as of Platts, processed fuel price increased globally by 65% in 2021, which could not be offset by the 6-7% strengthening of GEL in 2021, so the selling price increased.