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Which countries spend the most on military - Rankings

Which countries spend the most on military - Rankings
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In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, security and defense have become major issues globally.

The main determinants of a country's defense capabilities are: budget, number of troops and reservists, technological capabilities, level of training, army arsenal and natural resources.

The United States spends the most on defense. National security in the US is the third most expensive government program behind Social Security and Medicare. The US budget for defense amounts to 778 billion USD, which is 3.7% of the country’s GDP.

China is the second-largest defense spender in the world, which budget totals to 250 billion USD. Russia ranks second in terms of army arsenal, with more than 15,000 tanks and up to 3,500 aircraft.

China ranks first in the world in the number of active military personnel (2.3 million), while the Russian military system includes up to 900,000 active personnel.

Ukraine's defense budget is about $ 5 billion (3% of GDP), and the number of active military personnel is 250,000.

Rating of The Countries With The Highest Military Spending

1. The USA - USD 778 billion, 3.7% of GDP;
2. China - USD 252 billion, 1.7% of GDP;
3. India - USD 72 billion, 2.9% of GDP;
4. Russia - USD 61 billion, 4.3% of GDP;
5. United Kingdom - USD 59 billion, 2.7% of GDP;
6. Saudi Arabia - USD 57 billion, 8.4% of GDP;
7. Germany - USD 52 billion, 1.4% of GDP;
8. France - USD 52 billion, 2.1% of GDP;
9. Japan - USD 49 billion, 1.0% of GDP;
10. South Korea - USD 45 billion, 2.8% of GDP.