11.May .2021 10:30

Which forest resources need permission for sales? - New Decree

Which forest resources need permission for sales? - New Decree
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The Government of Georgia adopted a new code “on Forest Use”, that establishes a legal framework for sustainable forest management. According to the new rule, sales of berries, blackberries or other forest resources will be banned without the proper permission.
"For example, no one forbids extraction of berries or blackberries for personal consumption. But, if these resources are obtained conditionally for further sale by cooperatives, it will require a permit," said Karlo Amirgulashvili, head of the Forestry Department at the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.
As of the new rule “on Forest Use”, from 2023 the population will no longer have the right to cut firewood in the forest and they will be able to buy firewood in the so-called "business yards", which will be located in the municipalities. Besides, to save transportation costs, local population will be able to buy the firewood from the nearest forest, which can be obtained and produced only by the forest management bodies. Accordingly, these bodies will also supply “business yards” with the firewood.