11.Feb .2020 18:19

Why bread increased in price? – Competition Agency Still Studies the Issue


Irakli Lekvinadze, chairman of Competition Agency supposes that the reseals of the research related to the bread price will become known in Q1.

“We intensively work in this direction. 2019 is finished and we think that the process should be seen in the definite dynamics. This is impornant. There are three main sectors – wheat export, production of bread products and flour manufacturing component. We have concrete conditions in some directions, but we need time to make concrete conclusions. I think that we should have some results in Q1”, - Lekvinadze declared.

Head of the Agency noted, that monitoring process is associated with numerous difficulties, as companies do not want to provide detailed information, as they are not obliged to give information to the Competition Agency.

To remind, Competition Agency started to study bread price in December 2018, when bread price increased by 5-10 tetri in Georgia. As bakeries explained then it was caused by flour price rise.