24.Sep .2021 13:00

Why Is Online Learning Unacceptable? – UNICEF

Why Is Online Learning Unacceptable? – UNICEF

Head of UNICEF Communication Program Maia Kurtsikidze talks about the negative impact of online learning. She points to the need of education resumption at schools.

As she declares in a video-interview published by the NCDC, the closure of schools will affect not only the learning of children but also their physical and mental development.

"School is not just a building. It is a space where the child learns, develops social skills and it is very important for the child to be in the social space. Closing schools affects not only students' academic achievement, but also their health and well-being, as well as their physical development, as children have to stay indoors for long periods of time. Children need mobility. We need to think about the psychological state of children, mental health.

Pandemic and isolation have a very negative impact and many children have experienced psychological problems. Children need a relationship from which they develop social skills. It is important to resume in-person learning, because along with the education, children need to develop other skills”, said the UNICEF representative.