19.Oct .2020 14:45

Why Was “Lockdown” Right in the Spring and Why Not Today? – PM Explains

Why Was “Lockdown” Right in the Spring and Why Not Today? – PM Explains
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According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia, the government is no longer imposing strict restrictions because its economy can no longer withstand this. "The government will change its strategy to fight the virus and impose point restrictions," Gakharia told reporters after the Coordination Council Meeting.

The Prime Minister noted that during the first wave, the government correctly assessed the country's resources and applied strict restrictions to protect the lives of citizens.

"Let's not forget that we did not have basic medical products like masks in the country back then. We were doing 200 tests a day, and we did not have any knowledge about the virus as did the whole world; We all hoped that the vaccine would appear in a few months, but unfortunately, the vaccine did not appear. We all need to understand that today we are in a completely different situation. These strict restrictions and 'lockdown' back then were an absolutely right decision because, by doing so, we were protecting the health and lives of your citizens due to the high degree of uncertainty and the lack of masks," Giorgi Gakharia explained.

He said that there is no current need for full lockdown, and point restrictions will be enough to control the virus.
"Today, when the whole world agrees that the most effective way to fight the virus is wearing a mask, which reduces the probability of infection by 90%, we will no longer declare such a 'lockdown,' there is no need for it, and the country's economy can not stand it. Given that there will be no vaccine tomorrow and the day after, coexisting with and fighting the virus is a long-term process, and therefore, as a result of this longevity, our strategy changes, and that is to adapt to and manage the virus. Therefore, a correct decision would be to make point constraints and strike the right balance, and to follow the elementary rules set by epidemiologists," said the Prime Minister.