27.Jul .2021 18:00

Why Were Systematic Services in Clinics Discontinued?

Why Were Systematic Services in Clinics Discontinued?
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According to the decree signed by the Minister of Health of Georgia, the planned operations in the clinics were stopped. According to Ekaterine Tikaradze, the resolution has already been signed and issued.

"You know that the bed fund is being mobilized. It is important that the full resources of the bed fund be switched to covid management, ”Tikaradze said.
As for the bed fund, Tikaradze answers the question of what plan the state has against the background that the beds are almost fully loaded:

"Last year, when we entered the covid peak, hotels played an important role because they were transformed into covid clinics. We will rely on the Tourism Agency's cooperation in this regard. They are cooperating with us and new hotels are being added step by step. Severe patients will not be accommodated in hotels. They will be placed in clinics," Tikaradze said.
To the question of how patients are placed in clinics when there are no places, Tikaradze answers: "Patients who are in clinics today should be transferred to covid hotels by the decision of doctors. Also, the bed fund is being mobilized."