19.Oct .2020 11:45

Will "Georgian-Dutch Hospital" be transformed into a hybrid clinic?

Will "Georgian-Dutch Hospital" be transformed into a hybrid clinic?
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Representatives of the clinics met with the Minister of Health Ekaterine Tikaradze yesterday. Covid-19 infection and mobilization of extra beds were considered at the meeting.

As Davit Oshkhereli, the head of the Georgian-Dutch Hospital told BM.GE, they offered the Minister to engage their hospital in the management of the coronavirus, so part of the medical institution should receive infected patients and the clinic would be transferred as a hybrid hospital.

According to David Oshkhereli, the hospital has a total of 152 beds and they are ready to give one third of beds to COVID patients. The head of the clinic notes, that infected patients will be placed in isolation and do not pose a threat to other patients.

According to him, they offered their own opinion to the Ministry. However, the decision should be made by the Regulatory Agency.

"For our part, we demand only the appropriate equipment and mobilization of medical staff," - said David Oshkhereli, noting that he is waiting for a decision from the Regulatory Agency in the coming days.