13.Jul .2021 17:30

Will Vaccination Become Mandatory in Georgia?

Will Vaccination Become Mandatory in Georgia?
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Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia, vaccination is voluntary and everyone can choose whether to take a COVID-jab or not.

Giorgi Gotsadze, President of the Curatio International Foundation, deeply believes that employees should have the obligation to conduct testing once a week or must be vaccinated.

"Vaccination is voluntary and it will be so. It is a human right to decide, but there is a full opportunity for each citizen to take a jab. This choice we have today will increase. We try our best not to have any incentives that might have an unhealthy effect on a person’s decision and make him or her not fully aware of the benefits associated with vaccination.

We are going to intensify the information campaign. We must provide this information to every citizen and every doctor. Today the vaccination of medical staff is also low unfortunately. Approximately 11,000 healthcare workers are fully vaccinated from the 45,000-target group. By the end of July, we think the activity of the population will increase and 15-20 thousand vaccinations should be given daily," Gabunia said.