24.Mar .2020 19:12

Without foreign loans, it would be difficult to keep lari rate - Temur Chkonia


Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia met with representatives of business circles. Businessman Temur Chkonia was also present at the Government Chancellery.

As he told BM.GE after the meeting, the issues discussed with the Prime Minister were interesting.

“It was a very interesting meeting because the information we have is perfect, but it needs more confirmation. The Prime Minister said that the business, which produces food products, would be supported as much as possible in terms of transport, customs clearance and more. We have full information on current processes. We are absolutely committed to creativity, which in turn is supported by the government and there will be no restrictions given today's conditions”, Chkonia said.

According to him, the National Bank also attended the meeting with the Prime Minister and the business has received explanations regarding the plans for bringing the financial resource in the country.

“The National Bank was also involved, and it was reassuring that the NBG was working very hard to find foreign loans and had almost found some money. It takes time to sign up. This was hope giving, because without foreign loans, funds and assistance it would be very difficult to keep the GEL rate, ”the businessman said.