29.Oct .2020 10:45

Wizz Air: “Hopefully, We Will Be Able to Keep the Ticket Price Affordable”

Wizz Air: “Hopefully, We Will Be Able to Keep the Ticket Price Affordable”
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"In several countries, we have changed our strategy and focused on domestic flights, including Italy, where the greatest demand is for domestic transportation," Andras Rado, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, told Business Morning.
According to him, the company is working on purchasing and supplying new aircraft and upgrading the fleet. Once the pandemic is over, Wizz Air will be prepared to meet the growing demand.
"We are constantly looking for new markets, directions, which is why we are opening new bases in different countries, including Italy, Germany, and Larnaca. We decided to close the Kutaisi base due to the canceled flights temporarily, but we will not stop. We will fly as much as we can and have the right to. We are constantly working to increase the number, "said Andras Rado.
As for the number of users, Rado said, most are afraid to travel and avoid quarantine, and despite the desire, people will no longer fly if there is no urgency.
"As for the cost of the ticket, we hope to be able to ensure that the price of the Wizz Air ticket does not increase and remain as affordable as it used to be," said Wizz Air's corporate communications manager.