01.Jul .2020 17:47

Wizz Air: We are suspending our operations at Kutaisi base until further notice

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the Hungarian airline Wizz Air is temporary suspending the operations at the base at Kutaisi Airport. The company will reopen it only after regular air traffic is restored. Andras Rado, the head of corporate communications at Wizz Air, spoke about the company's decision. According to him, the temporary suspension of the base's operations does not mean that the company will lay off the personnel that are employed in Kutaisi. Andras Rado says that employees will be offered to work in alternative positions in the Wizz Air network.

- What plans do you have on Kutaisi Base?

We suspended the operations in Kutaisi base as I said, at this stage it will be too early to speculate for any further plans. We are looking at the situation as it evolves. But at the current time, I cannot confirm anything yet.

It’s our absolute aim to carry our Georgian passengers and to carry foreigners to Georgia to boost the economy and tourism industry in Georgia.

We are not cancelling the base in Kutaisi, We are just suspending our operations until further notice.

Every employee who is in Kutaisi in our base, will have a job and we are trying to find a suitable job within our network. At this stage we are not planning to lay off anybody.

- So the Base will not be Closed?

- We are not closing the Kutaisi Base, we are evaluating the current options and we will inform you and other passengers if any changes will be to Kutaisi Base.

Every employee, who is with Wizz Air and that’s not only true for Georgia and for other bases that we had to suspend due to the pandemic, gets a base salary, even if they don’t work. because they cannot work due to the current circumstances. We would like to keep those valuable people, we would like to offer them jobs, within our network. we would like to keep them with us.

- Have you already allocated those two aircraft that were in Kutaisi base?

- Yes, we have already relocated the aircraft when we had to suspend the operations in Kutaisi. So Those aircraft are not in Kutaisi since couple of months. We will return those aircraft once we can restart our operations.

- Do you know how long your base in Kutaisi will stay closed?

- I can’t tell you now, we are looking at options. We are looking at then we can restart our operations. We are dedicated to reopen our base.