20.Oct .2020 10:00

Work Environment Worth more than a High Salary for Georgian Employees

Work Environment Worth more than a High Salary for Georgian Employees
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Bad work environment, bad boss/management, lack of company culture and nepotism – are the main concerns of Georgian employees.

“In most cases salary is not that important, people need to be treated well,” said Lado Kandelaki, Founder of online platform JOBRATE.GE, which allows workers to write anonymous reviews regarding an existing or previous workplace.

Jobrate.ge has been launched five years ago. Currently it incorporates 10 000 registered unique users and 600 unique companies.

There are 694 reviews of users, in which employees either recommend or do not recommend a particular company. Out of these reviews, 342 was positive and recommended and 352 was of negative nature.

Kandelaki recommends employers to listen to their workforce if they want their business to succeed.

“We are proud that we are a game changer with this small and interesting website, here is why: if the boss/manager is rude to staff and any of the staff members publish anonymous review on Jobrate it changes the scenario. Bosses and managers DO CARE of reputational risks. Moreover, during the last 2-3 years the jobseekers started reading our reviews before the job interview and on the employment interview they are well prepared so the HR's and top managers know that we exist,” Kandelaki told BM.GE.