31.Aug .2021 19:00

Workers Quitting Jobs Hits Record Levels in Israel

Workers Quitting Jobs Hits Record Levels in Israel
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Despite high unemployment in the wake of the Covid pandemic, the number of Israelis quitting jobs has reached the record level of 22.6% of job seekers, the Israel Employment Service reports. 
According to the report, the highest numbers of people leaving their jobs are in the lowest paid sectors, including unskilled workers, older employees, and people from the lowest socio-economic brackets, who are not traditionally the sectors where most people leave their jobs, Globes reports. 

The Israel Employment Service reports that the level of people leaving their jobs rose 29% between 2012 and 2019 but this figure rose to 107% between 2012 and 2020 compared with a far more moderate rise in the number of people being fired and the overall number employed in the economy.

Traditionally most employees who leave their jobs are more skilled and in a stronger position to find a new job more quickly. But since the Covid crisis the gap between academic and non-academic people leaving their jobs has narrowed from 33.5% to 18% and the gap between people with and without digital skills leaving their job has narrowed from 30% to 21%.