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Teams or ZOOM? - Forbes

26.10.20 17:45
Microsoft is adding AI based noise suppression to Teams starting in November this year – Forbes reports.

According to Windows Latest, which first reported the feature, the new Teams functionality will use the firm’s AI technology to reduce background noise in meetings. It does this by analyzing your video feed and reducing sounds produced in the background. Examples of the sort of noise it can pick up and block include fans, pens clicking or microphone issues.

According to Forbes, a new Microsoft Teams desktop update has also added two features—full screen mode and the ability for meeting organizers to view and manage meeting options directly in the new meeting experience. It has also added natural language support for when you are searching for messages, spelling suggestions and Caller ID for voicemail messages. In addition, call controls will always show on the screen with more options showing on your iPad.

Forbes says, Zoom is fighting back. It recently launched a major update to compete with this, including Zapps, which connects apps directly inside Zoom. Crucially, it’s also starting to roll out the gold standard of security—end-to-end encryption. Teams doesn’t have this, yet.

“Whether to choose Teams or Zoom is tough. Teams does currently edge it for the Microsoft integration side of things, which will sway some people and businesses. One thing is for sure—the video conferencing battle is ramping up, and it’s showing no signs of slowing anytime soon” – Forbes concludes.