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7 Incomplete Constructions to Resume in Tbilisi

20.11.18 21:11
According to the Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Ilia Eloshvili, 7 incomplete constructions have been
resumed. As Eloshvili states, after incomplete constructions were identified, the constructions which had procedural problems and did not necessitate special concessions, received support by the mayor’s office.
According to him, the draft law on according concessions to incomplete constructions will soon be passed to the parliament. Currently, the draft law which was developed by the Mayor’s Office has been sent to the Prime Minister's department. In parallel to this, the government of the capital is working individually with the companies with unfinished constructions. “In the nearest future, the first draft law will become a legislation, which will enable us to carry out numerous activities, among which are extending overdue fees, VAT concessions and so on. In addition, we passed on the contact details of those construction companies experiencing financial problems and looking for investors, to the developers. As soon as the new law will be passed, the resumption of the constructions will be more intensified” – States Eloshvili.

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