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TBC Bank, DFC And USAID Sign USD 30 MLN Loan Guaranty Agreement To Increase Access To Finance For Georgian Enterprises


24.10.22 12:45 411 ნახვა

TBC Bank, DFC And USAID Sign USD 30 MLN Loan Guaranty Agreement To Increase Access To Finance For Georgian Enterprises

TBC Bank Group PLC (TBC PLC) announces that its subsidiary, JSC TBC Bank (TBC Bank), has signed a USD 30 million loan guaranty agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”) and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). Working together with USAID’s economic growth programs, a new loan guaranty will enable TBC to issue $30 million in loans to Georgian MSMEs with a focus on women-led businesses, startups, and development of Georgia’s regions. The guaranty is expected to generate thousands of high-value jobs and support businesses to increase their sales.

The sizable guaranty will advance DFC, USAID, and TBC’s shared commitment to promoting women’s economic empowerment and increasing MSMEs’ access to finance. The USAID-sponsored DFC loan portfolio guarantee with TBC will also provide support to Georgian entrepreneurs looking to start new businesses or expand in new areas.

USAID/Georgia Mission Director John A. Pennell said, “This loan guaranty program with TBC Bank advances Georgia’s inclusive economic growth by providing small businesses and startups with the resources to grow, hire more employees and develop their communities. USAID is proud to be working in partnership with Georgia’s private sector to strengthen women’s economic empowerment, enhance regional development, and promote long-term economic prosperity that benefits all Georgians.”

CEO of JSC TBC Bank, Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, commented, “The signing of this guaranty agreement marks a significant milestone in our partnership with DFC and USAID. The Risk sharing facility will allow TBC Bank to accelerate financing of Georgian MSMEs, with the special focus on rural entities and smallholders, women entrepreneurs and start-ups. Improving access to finance will strengthen their competitiveness and support sustainable development of this segment, thus contributing to the further economic growth and job creation in Georgia. We are delighted to continue partnership with DFC and USAID and look forward to many more successful transactions in the future.”

DFC CEO Scott Nathan said, “DFC’s guaranty for TBC Bank, made in collaboration with USAID, will boost much-needed financing for Georgian small businesses. The focus on rural, underserved regions, and woman-owned businesses will promote inclusive economic growth and sustainable development across Georgia.”
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