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Giorgi Gakharia: Political Activity, Which Takes Place in the Streets, Will Accelerate the Peak of Covid


05.11.20 14:45 586 ნახვა

"We are entering a new phase. Today we have more than 2400 new cases of coronavirus infection; due to the ongoing political processes in the streets and the dynamics of the spread of the virus in Europe, it seems that growth will continue, this is a fact, and we must be ready," - said The Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said at the meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council, which was held in the format of a video conference chaired by the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister stressed the importance of maximum mobilization of all relevant agencies to take the necessary measures, including point restrictions, even more effectively.
"Of course, the political activity that is taking place in the streets will greatly accelerate the arrival of the peak with us. The situation will be more difficult than we expected because the mobility caused by street rallies is certainly directly related to the rapid increase in infection. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize absolutely all ministries and relevant agencies fully. Also, of course, we do not change the strategy of adaptation. However, in parallel with the adaptation, we have to think very effectively about what might be a package of point constraints that would be even more effective. "We are not talking about systemic restrictions across the country, but point restrictions," said the Prime Minister.
According to the head of the government, full mobilization of all ministries and all agencies is needed.
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