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Azerbaijan's economy up almost 1%

11.08.23 16:28

Azerbaijan's GDP made 70,372.2 billion manats ($41.4 billion) in January-July of this year, up 0.7% year-on-year, Report informs, citing the country’s State Statistics Committee.

Over the past year, value added in the oil and gas sector of the economy fell 2.2%, while in the non-oil-gas sector, it increased by 3.4%.

According to the committee, industry accounted for 42.8% of GDP production, trade; repair of vehicles accounted for 9.4%, transport and storage made 6.1%, construction made 4.9%, agriculture, forestry and fisheries made 6%, tourist accommodation and catering made 2.3%, information and communication made 1.6%, and other spheres made 17.7%. Net taxes on products and imports made 9.2% of GDP.

During the past year, the country's GDP per capita dropped 5.9%, to 6,939 manats ($2,081.76).