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Baia Food Starts Production Of Fruit Snacks

Natia Taktakishvili
07.12.22 15:00
Baia Food, which produces various types of fruit porridges at the enterprise located in Zestaponi, will start processing fruit snacks in the near future. The founder of the company, Zviad Grdzelidze, told BM.GE about this and noted that the test samples have already been brought to the market, which resulted in quite positive feedback.

According to the information, they are currently waiting for the arrival of the necessary equipment, after which the production of new products will go into an active phase.

"Now we are waiting for the equipment, after their arrival we will start production of new products - these will be snacks made of processed fruits, which will be packed in 50-gram packages.

Our fruit porridges are sold in the "Carrefour", "Goodwill", "Fresco" and "Universam" chains", - says Zviad Grdzelidze.

Baia Food was created in 2012 with the personal, investment of the founder. As Grdzelidze told BM.GE, at first they registered as an individual entrepreneur, then they formed an LLC, gradually invested and expanded, the creation and equipment of the enterprise totaled 200,000 GEL. Recently they got a grant of GEL 30,000 from GITA, with which they bought the necessary equipment for fruit snacks.

The company currently employs 19 people, although their number increases in summer, and after the start of production of new products, "Baia Food" plans to hire 5 new staff.