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Luca Polare To Start USD 1 MLN Project

Natia Taktakishvili

14.11.22 11:00 477 ნახვა

Gelato-producing Georgian company "Luca Polare" in partnership with TBC Bank is implementing a new enterprise project in Tbilisi, the investment value totls to USD 1 million.

As Ani Tsitskishvili, the head of the PR and marketing department of "Luca Polare", declares that, the constant expansion of the ice cream chain put the need to expand the enterprise, although according to her, it will not be a standard production building.

"We need a large space that would respond to our ambitious plans and a partner soon appeared. Luca Polare is implementing this project together with TBC.

We will build a building of 1500 sq/m on a plot of land of 2600 sq/m in the production area on the East Point side. It will not be only production, there will be a warehouse, training centers for employees, various spaces, showrooms, where we will organize various events. We don't want the project to be just for production expansion, it should be a building of the future, which will be as eco-friendly as possible. For this, we are thinking and working on the use of different alternative sources of energy. We think we will move to a new building in 2 years", said Ani Tsitskishvili.

The company cannot yet specify how much the productivity will increase after the launch of the new enterprise. However, they note that "Luca Polare" project will contribute to the expansion of the chain on the local and foreign markets.

We have started working on the issue of selling the "Luca Polare" franchise abroad. For this purpose, we have scheduled a visit to several countries in November. We hope that very soon you will announce the countries where we will sell the franchise," said Tsitskishvili.
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