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BARTA 2022 Awards To Be Held Tomorrow

Natia Taktakishvili
13.12.22 17:00
BARTA 2022 Awards will be held on December 14. The finalists of the BARTA 2022 competition for the best annual reporting and sustainability in Georgia are scheduled to be awarded.

Irina Gorduladze, Senior Governance Consultant at World Bank and Giorgi Tabuashvili, the representative of the Board of Beneficiaries of the Accounting Reform Foundation, talked about the activity of the companies this year and what innovations are planned for the future.

"This year, the activity was quite high, both from old as well as new companies. As you know, at this stage only banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges and state companies - are involved in the competition, although interest was also expressed from other companies, so we decided that from 2023 to increase the area and include more companies, we discussed this in the jury and this is our future plan and motivation, which we hope we will be able to implement," said Irina Gordeladze.

As Giorgi Tabuashvili noted, some companies faced difficulties due to the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, so they could no longer meet the conditions of the competition, which resulted to think about increasing the area.

"The pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine affected us and the companies as well. As you know, the main condition for participation in the competition is that the company must be admitted to the initial public offering and the Georgian Stock Exchange, and some companies participating in the competition left this list, because the pandemic and the war created some difficulties and they could no longer meet the conditions. There are companies willing to participate in the competition. We want to increase this area and include more companies", Giorgi Tabuashvili states.

BARTA was established in 2019 as part of a joint project of financial engagement and accountability between the EU and the World Bank, after the European Union (EU) launched a fundamental review of corporate financial statements.

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