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Basisbank Invests in Blueberry Orchards in Zugdidi

06.06.23 11:17

Basisbank, one of the major supporters of business, continues to fund the development of local business. Blueberry orchards were planted on an area of 4.34 hectares in the village of Rike, Zugdidi, Samegrelo, within the framework of the preferential agricredit project.

The funds allocated to the business were used to purchase/plant 14,000 blueberry seedlings, to arrange a well and irrigation systems. The total cost of the project was GEL 300,000.

It is planned to harvest up to 15 tons of blueberries during the season, and the yield will gradually increase in the following years.

Initially, the crops will be sold both in the domestic and overseas markets. Local people are employed in the gardens.

"In partnership with Basisbank, we have successfully planted blueberry gardens on an area of 4.34 hectares. We expect to harvest the crops next year and plan to export them. In partnership with Basisbank, we plan to expand the project to include cold storage. I am convinced, that with our cooperation, we will implement many more useful projects to strengthen agriculture in the region," said Gocha Meskhi, Director of Blueberry Ltd.

"Cultivation of berry crops, including blueberries, has gained momentum, giving farmers the opportunity to produce and sell blueberries both domestically and for export. On our part, we are pleased to develop cooperation with agriculture companies, promote the development of farms and create new opportunities for successful business. We wish Blueberry every success. Our partnership will expand in the future," said Shmagi Bregadze, head of Basisbank's Agribusiness Department.
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