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Batumi Container Terminal Released The First Comment On The Delay Of Unboxing Cargo

Natia Taktakishvili
09.12.22 15:00
Batumi International Container Terminal (BICT) had delays in unboxing cargo for almost a month, due to which auto importers have to pay fines. In addition to financial losses, representatives of the companies talk about the reputational losses they face from late deliveries to car owners.

According to the commercial director of COSCO Shipping, one of the partner companies of the Batumi Container Terminal, the problem arose due to the increased cargo loss of second-hand cars. In addition, the representative of the company stated that the territory of Batumi does not have the necessary area for cargo services, because part of the territory has been turned into a parking lot for secondary, damaged cars.

Batumi International Container Terminal publishes the first comment on the delay in unboxing cargo. BICT managing director Nikoloz Gogol thanks the partners for their cooperation and hopes that the "unexpected and non-standard situation" will be solved soon.

BMG offers its readers an integral part of the statement released by Batumi International Container Termina:

"Batumi International Container Terminal (BICT) is exceptionally busy but is rolling out a package of measures that will ensure the delivery of its normal high standards of service.

BICT throughout the pandemic and in the face of subsequent challenging market conditions has maintained high standards of service when many other terminals in the region have encountered congestion.

The current spike in traffic at BICT comes as the terminal commences rolling out a new capacity expansion programme which will see the introduction of new storage yard area, additional handling equipment and more personnel. The programme, BICT confirms, is designed to rapidly see a return to expedited cargo clearance and normal high efficiency levels.

“We appreciate our customers bearing with us during this spike in traffic levels,” says Nikoloz Gogoli, CEO, BICT. “With the new capacity programme and measures taken to engage with auto importers, to coordinate and ensure the best possible operational practices, we are confident that this exceptional situation will soon be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties", - the statement reads.

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