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BMG is opening a bureau in the United States

13.11.23 00:31

BMG is expanding its reach by opening a bureau in the United States, as announced by Giorgi Isakadze, the founder of BMG, and Tamuna Kemertelidze, the head of the new US bureau. They emphasized the importance of focusing on the dynamic economic activities, connections, and business ventures involving Georgians in the U.S. The goal is to capture the stories of success while also addressing practical topics like business registration.

BMG's scope extends beyond working solely with Georgians; it aims to engage American analysts and experts, providing a dual perspective on both American viewpoints and Georgia's opportunities. The objective is to offer Georgian readers insights into the leading global economy.

Giorgi Isakadze, BMG's editor-in-chief, highlights that the new bureau will serve to keep Georgian readers informed about the pulse of the world's leading economy.

As Giorgi Isakadze noted, BMG is also planning new major annoucements this month.