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Booster Doses To Be Available From Late October - Deputy Health Minister

Natia Taktakishvili
12.10.21 16:00
Vaccination with a booster dose will start from late October, - Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia declares.

According to her, "booster" doses can be made with "Pfizer", "Sinopharm" and "Sinovak" vaccines, and those citiznes, who are vaccinated with AstraZeneca can make "booster" doses with Pfizer vaccine.

"According to the changes in the vaccination program, the booster dose will be available for the citizens over the age of 50, 6 months after the second dose, as well as those who have any chronic disease, including organ transplants, etc. The first cohort who will have to do a booster dose will be ready by the end of October. This applies to medical staff and people in closed institutions", Tamar Gabunia said.

According to her, the issue of vaccination with additional doses is also allowed for those who are fully vaccinated with Chinese vaccines and plan to go abroad. So, it provides the possibility of taking an additional dose of COVID-19 jab with the "Pfizer" vaccine.